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Birthdate:Mar 8
The artillery operator of Grapeshot Canon, Scifantasy is a geek and a fan by nature, a computer scientist and lawyer by training, a Jew by culture and heritage, and a human by all appearances. He currently works in intellectual property law in New York City.

His hobbies include hanging with his friends, reading, listening to music, watching movies and anime, chatting online with friends and acquaintances around the country and the world, and living life by whatever means are best available to him. He aspires to become more of a polymath (Renaissance man), but would be willing to settle merely to be the best man he can.

He plans to live forever; unlike some, he does not consider dying in the attempt to be an acceptable alternative.

Grapeshot Canon is organized in a system of nested tags. Below is the current tag universe, with short descriptions:

  • administrative Posts dealing with the administration of Grapeshot Canon. Tags, nomenclature, etc.
  • creative Posts with creative content, such as snippets of story or songs.
    • lyrics Song lyrics, to original or borrowed tunes.
    • prose Stories, both original and fanfiction.
      • case Stories about Case; fanfiction based on the [info]mina_de_malfois stories.
      • rex genre Stories about Rex Genre, Con Detective. Written as scripts.
      • metaranger Metaranger, a sentai-style show written by two Americans. Written as scripts.

  • fandom Posts about aspects of the subculture of fandom.
    • conventions Convention reports, preparation, or other convention-related stories.
    • filk Filk music and the filking subculture.
    • terra group Terra Group, a Star Wars-related fanfiction project.

  • gaming Posts about pencil-and-paper role-playing games.
    • d&d Dungeons And Dragons games.
      • stone of chaos A D&D 3.0 game played in late 2002. Abandoned by the DM after several sessions.
      • the wishing well A D&D 3.5 game played in early 2004. Abandoned by everybody after several sessions.
      • legend of the hero A D&D 3.5 game running from late 2005 to mid-2006. Ended with a character's death due to changes in real life.
      • exile A D&D 4 game that started in late 2008. Ongoing.

    • mage Mage: The Ascension and related properties (Sorcerer's Crusade) games.
      • corruption of trust A Mage Second Edition game played from late 2002 to early 2003. Abandoned by everybody due to changes in players, but regretted by all.
      • end of an age A Mage: Sorcerer's Crusade game played from late 2003 to early 2004. Completed.
      • who ya gonna call? - A Mage Second Edition game played from late 2004 to early 2005. Abandoned by everybody due to summer holidays from school and the desire to try something new, but again regretted.

    • besm - Big Eyes, Small Mouth, an anime-influenced game system.

  • media Posts about books, movies, music, etc.
    • anime Japanese animation.
    • books Written stories, generally speculative fiction.
    • comics Comic books or graphic novels.
    • movies Films, generally speculative fiction.
    • music Songs or pieces.
    • tv Television shows.

    • video games Generally, role-playing games such as the Final Fantasy series.
    • webcomics Comics published on the Internet.

  • personal Posts of a personal nature.
    • apartment hunting The hunt for an apartment, March-May 2010.
    • daily life The minutiae of modern life.

    • family Family and family matters.
    • friends Friends, friendship, and experiences with friends.
      • darkfriends Friends found through the USENET newsgroup rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan.
      • stwing Friends found through the Science And Technology Wing (STWing) of the University of Pennsylvania.

    • humor Jokes and funny material.
    • introspective Thoughtful posts about oneself.
    • jewish Judaism and the feeling of being Jewish.
    • politics The political process or political issues.
    • ranting Venting frustration and anger.
    • romantic The mating game and being in love.
    • tech Computers and high technology.

  • school Posts about being a student.
    • college The University of Pennsylvania. Class of 2006, BSE, Computer Science Engineering.
    • law schoolNew York University School Of Law, Class of 2011, JD.

  • work Posts about having jobs.
    • amster Working for Amster, Rothstein, and Ebenstein, summer 2010.
    • creative commons Working for the Creative Commons Organization, summer 2005.
    • imake Working for Imake Consulting (later Standard & Poor's - IMAKE), September 2006 - July 2008.
    • uspto Working for the United States Patent And Trademark Office, June 2006 - August 2006.

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