[ profile] badmagic just posted to his journal a poll about recognizing quotations--a list of quotations asking "how many do you recognize," and a second list asking how many most people (in general) would recognize. Myself, I answered yes to most of them, even ones I couldn't get specifically with source and author, as long as I could recognize it/complete it if it was quoted at me/what have you.

Below the cut are identifiers for all of them.

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The last time something like this happened, I ended up on national TV. Wouldn't it be cool if this time I ended up in the American Gods audiobook?

(This is thanks to two law school friends, who pestered me to enter. Standard "not going to happen, you know" disclaimer.)

Vote for me--you can vote once per day--and spread the word!
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26 July 2009 @ 12:52 am
(OK, I stole that from T Campbell, who titled a Twitter story--that is, a story posted to Twitter, written by a character posting to Twitter--as "Tweets of the Nightengale.")

I am now on Twitter. It should come as no surprise that my username there is scifantasy.

I'm already searching out and finding friends who use Twitter. But that flows both ways.
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So, my friend Seanan McGuire has a song called "Pretty Little Dead Girl." It's an urban-legend tale about a '40s-era car-racing ghost, available on her album "Stars Fall Home."

Seanan is also a huge Doctor Who fan.

So, some time ago, when I misheard "It's the tale of Rose Marshall" as "it's the tale of Rose Tyler," I started planning this.

I tried performing this one at Baycon 2009, but it really needs production value, or at least an accompanist. Maybe if I had a karaoke version of the original...but in the meantime.

(I gave Seanan a copy of the lyrics at the con. She read a stanza before telling me she was going to kill me.)

"Time-Traveling Blonde Girl"
by Will "scifantasy" Frank
ttto: "Pretty Little Dead Girl" by Seanan McGuire

It's a very sad story... )
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These are [ profile] voiceofkiki's fault. And a little bit of [ profile] sweetmusic_27's too. Oh, and I guess mine.

Here's how it is...Last week, VoK posted the following thought:

Still Alive: The new Banned from Argo?


I asked her to clarify: was this in the "everybody refilks it" sense, or the "creator is sick of it" sense? She confirmed the former.

That led to...

Argo Banned )


Still Argo )

In a comment, though, [ profile] sweetmusic_27 opined that she was getting kind of sick of the song. That, in turn, led to...

Had Enough )

(OK, technically, I wrote "Had Enough" first, then "Argo Banned," then "Still Argo." But it works better this way in the story.)

Just when I thought I wasn't going to have anything new for the Wit's End, if you'll excuse me, I need that brain for exams.
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"Do you think I should chime in?"
"There's half a chance in hell the pro-Dementia crowd would listen to you."
"Which is a greater chance than some of the other people discussing it would have."
"Which almost says I have a responsibility."

And I take my responsibilities very seriously.

Everybody who has no interest in filk (or worse, because I know there are a couple of people, an active dislike), please skip this post.

Filk, Dementia, Community, And You )

Of course, the flip side of my responsibility is that I have it because some of the dementia artists consider me a friend...and after all this is said and done, I don't know if that won't change.
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23 February 2008 @ 11:26 am
It's like this. [ profile] cadhla is a good friend of [ profile] vixyish , and one day, Vixy gave Seanan an idea--which became the song Oh, Michelle. Yesterday, [ profile] hsifyppah raised the stakes by challenging Seanan with Dammit, Seanan. Seanan fired back at Brooke with Oh, Brooke, and Brooke backed off, pleading Oh, Seanan M. Watching from the sidelines, [ profile] tisonlyherself weighed in with Clever Brooke.

My turn.

Oh, Michelle/Seanan/Brooke/Dagain... )
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28 November 2006 @ 10:17 pm
[ profile] lady_neon, whom I've been friends with for years, has come to me with a passionate plea. She works for Collie Rescue for the Carolinas, and they've just gotten a real heartbreaker of a dog in need of some major surgery.

I could go on with a sob story, but I won't. It's not my story to tell, for one. And I know that money's tight all over. And...this isn't just about the one dog. It's about all of the dogs CRC has saved.

So I'm just going to say...if you have any spare cash, throw it to a good cause, please?

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From [ profile] prince_eric:

Why am I on your friends' list?

(Then, feel free to continue the meme spread.)
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