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2011-10-22 04:40 pm
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"Father's Words," or With Apologies to My Father and Three Weird Sisters

Brenda Sutton, of the filk group "Three Weird Sisters," wrote a song called "Mama's Hands." It's a pretty song about a woman who realizes that as she grows up, she starts to sound a lot like her mother--and maybe her mom was wiser than she thought as a teenager.

I was thinking one day about whether that song could be gender-swapped...and realized that it could, and what it would be. This came out.

I just now performed it on the main stage at OVFF, with Brenda and her husband Bill in the audience. They (along with most of the room) were in stitches.

“Father’s Words”
by Will “scifantasy” Frank
ttto: “Mama’s Hands” by Brenda Sutton

Today while commuting some moron cut me off... )
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2011-02-28 09:55 pm
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A Filktron Bomb, or Filkaboom

I came up with this a few weeks ago, and demonstrated it at yesterday's Jersey City housefilk...

I have developed what can only be described as the Neutron Bomb of Filk: it gets rid of all the people but leaves the building standing.

I would ask for forgiveness, but Leslie Fish is on record never forgiving, and Richard O'Brien probably doesn't care.

And if you know who both of those are, you'll get the joke... )
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2011-01-24 09:55 am
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"Celiac," or A Song for 'Song

I didn't spend all that much time at Arisia with [personal profile] shadesong this year; she was busy, I was busy, and that's the way things go. I'm given to understand that she continued the spread of the Gospel of the Y.T., though.

In one of the few times I did see her, Sunday or Monday, this popped into my head. I came up with the first verse, and she asked me (and [ profile] slipjig, but I don't know if he did) to run with it.

This is dedicated to everybody who has to ask, "is there gluten in this?"

by Will "scifantasy" Frank
ttto: "Cecilia" by Simon and Garfunkel

Celiac... )
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2009-11-30 09:56 pm
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Case Closed, or A Cycle Has No End

[ profile] mina_de_malfois has posted the end to her stories, and so with it comes the finale of Case's.

Which isn't to say that I'll never return; Mina has left the possibility of side stories or alternate-universes open, and so shall I. But for the foreseeable future, we leave our observation of the fictional Case here.

I've been writing Case, off and on, since August 2007. A lot's changed for me in those two years. Maybe, if Mina writes that detective alternate-universe story she suggested was a possibility, maybe I'll do a Case-as-lawyer story to match...

But in the meantime, enjoy the finale. And remember what Case said--everything is circular.

Case Study, Part 15 )
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2009-11-27 12:28 am
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"ADV (Now Funimation)," or In Lieu of Content...

...a new filk. This one came to me recently.

Quick backstory: in the last few years, the waning economy has caused some upheaval in the anime licensing and distribution industry, especially here in the US. A year or two back, Geneon Entertainment shut down its US operations entirely. They're still a major force in Japan, mind. Then, last month or so, A.D. Vision Entertainment, one of the first and biggest US operations for importing, licensing, and distributing anime, sold its assets to five other companies in a complicated deal that sounded like a switcheroo on its creditors (since the five buying companies were ones in which ADV's owners had stakes).

Most of the anime properties licensed by those two companies have seen their licenses bought by another company, Funimation Entertainment. If anybody can be said to be the big winner here, it's Funimation.

Hence, the song. "NGE," for the record, refers to the infamous anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, which was one of ADV's first and biggest titles...but whose "rebuild" series has been licensed by, who else, Funimation.

"ADV (Now Funimation)"
by Will "scifantasy" Frank
ttto: "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" by Nat Simon (original words by Jimmy Kennedy)

NGE is now Funimation's... )

In the coming days, expect more actual content (behind the normal friends lock, of course), including an expansion of something I said on Twitter:

"Perfect 10 Magazine is the zombie mine canary of copyright law. When it comes alive (files suit--it's sued Google and Visa), the law is bad."
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2009-09-24 03:09 pm
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Economies of Scale, or Hirings and Firings

At long last, my companion piece to [ profile] mina_de_malfois story 3.11, "...and the Class War." With this, I'm back up to date with Mina (since I only post to full stories, not parts such as "End of Summer" part 1). Which is good.

This one, I have to admit, is weak. I couldn't figure out exactly what to do with the May 1 story. Finally, I fell back on an old trope--"Case weighs in." I also threw in a bit of what was happening to other characters, as best I could. (It doesn't help that right now, I'm in the middle of a job search...)

I have to be honest...right now, pleasure writing is not exactly high on my priorities.

But anyway. Maybe by the time 3.12 finishes, some creative juices will be flowing again.

Case Study, Part 14 )
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2009-09-05 05:50 pm
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Tomato Surprise, or Tornado of Change

I almost feel too embarrassed to post this. (Almost) It's literally been over four months since the corresponding [ profile] mina_de_malfois story went live. All I can say is, the end of April wasn't a great time for me for obvious reasons, and then I was caught up in other things. But with Mina returning this week, it's only appropriate I try to play catch-up.

So, this story and one more are due (this one corresponding to 3.10, and the next to 3.11), and then I'll try to get something going for when Mina finishes 3.12.

Amusingly, the first line of this was the same one I'd thought up back when I first read 3.10, freshly thought up this time around.

Case Study, Part 13 )
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2009-08-30 11:01 pm

"Sixteen Hours," or Legal Filk #3...and Counting

I didn't post my first two legal filks, because they're frankly not very good, and were written more specifically for the NYU Law Revue, and didn't get used anyway.

But this one was written for me and the filkers. I realized last night that I didn't have anything recent for the housefilk today--and that the most recent thing I had, three months old, didn't work well for me to sing. So I dusted off an idea I'd been thinking about, started trying to write it...and it flowed very easily indeed.

"Sixteen Hours"
by Will "scifantasy" Frank
ttto: "Sixteen Tons" by Merle Travis (or George S. Davis)

Some people say a lawyer is a dirty snake... )

This went over pretty well at the housefilk, I must say.
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2009-05-25 05:09 pm

"Time-Traveling Blonde Girl," or Now With Pre-Approved Death Threat!

So, my friend Seanan McGuire has a song called "Pretty Little Dead Girl." It's an urban-legend tale about a '40s-era car-racing ghost, available on her album "Stars Fall Home."

Seanan is also a huge Doctor Who fan.

So, some time ago, when I misheard "It's the tale of Rose Marshall" as "it's the tale of Rose Tyler," I started planning this.

I tried performing this one at Baycon 2009, but it really needs production value, or at least an accompanist. Maybe if I had a karaoke version of the original...but in the meantime.

(I gave Seanan a copy of the lyrics at the con. She read a stanza before telling me she was going to kill me.)

"Time-Traveling Blonde Girl"
by Will "scifantasy" Frank
ttto: "Pretty Little Dead Girl" by Seanan McGuire

It's a very sad story... )
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2009-03-25 11:39 pm
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The Beginning of the End, or Winds of Change

This is late, by the standards of when I post relative to [ profile] mina_de_malfois. I blame law school.

Case Study, Part 12 )
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2009-02-02 12:12 am
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Aftermathematics, or Drunken Distortedly

As much as [ profile] mina_de_malfois apologizes for a slow pace, I always seem to be rushing these out the door. I've already updated the footnotes for this, so enjoy.

Case Study, Part 11 )
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2008-12-22 12:04 am
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Power Conference, or Intersections in Real Life

I honestly hadn't expected a Mina story so soon after the previous, given Mina's busy schedule. Thankfully, this time, the behind-the-scenes work was obvious. I cut off before the scenes everybody thinks comes next, but that's to be expected.

Apologies to Zee's original self--who hopefully knows who he is--but this was irresistible.

Case Study, Part 10 )

You know, I'm just glad that Mina was busy about the same time I was taking my exams...
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2008-12-12 03:34 pm

"I Meant To Do That, Vor Style," or The Hyperactive Git Strikes Again

Dedicated to the Bavarian Fire Drill Instructor, the Indy Ploy Player, the Galactic Champion of Making Shit Up.

(Seriously. A bunch of Vorkosigan songs, and an unrelated song called "I Meant To Do That"; how am I the first person to put this together?)

"I Meant To Do That, Vor Style"
by Will "scifantasy" Frank
ttto: "I Meant To Do That" by Echo's Children

My cousin is a genius and a fast-talking man... )

Really, it was the thought (from the Firefly Wild Mass Guessing page of TV Tropes) of Miles as the "deadly and unpredictable midget" that did it.

Or more accurately, the commentary line: "But I had to set it on fire for a very good reason that I will explain at length as soon as I have made it up, no, honestly, Simon/Gregor/Mother!"
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2008-11-30 11:34 pm

"Argo Banned," "Still Argo," and "Had Enough," or Filking In Triplicate

These are [ profile] voiceofkiki's fault. And a little bit of [ profile] sweetmusic_27's too. Oh, and I guess mine.

Here's how it is...Last week, VoK posted the following thought:

Still Alive: The new Banned from Argo?


I asked her to clarify: was this in the "everybody refilks it" sense, or the "creator is sick of it" sense? She confirmed the former.

That led to...

Argo Banned )


Still Argo )

In a comment, though, [ profile] sweetmusic_27 opined that she was getting kind of sick of the song. That, in turn, led to...

Had Enough )

(OK, technically, I wrote "Had Enough" first, then "Argo Banned," then "Still Argo." But it works better this way in the story.)

Just when I thought I wasn't going to have anything new for the Wit's End, if you'll excuse me, I need that brain for exams.
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2008-11-21 12:08 am
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Lean On Me, or Head, Shoulders, Eyes, And Ears

No, the Case stories didn't go away, any more than the Mina stories did. They're just slow to come out when the authors get busy. And law school certainly qualifies. But as the third part of "Therapeutic Impulse" went up earlier this week, so too comes your next look at another perspective...

Case Study, Part 9 )

Edit: Oh, and the footnotes have been updated.
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2008-09-05 02:08 pm

Of Filk And Dementia, or I Really Should Know Better, But...

"Do you think I should chime in?"
"There's half a chance in hell the pro-Dementia crowd would listen to you."
"Which is a greater chance than some of the other people discussing it would have."
"Which almost says I have a responsibility."

And I take my responsibilities very seriously.

Everybody who has no interest in filk (or worse, because I know there are a couple of people, an active dislike), please skip this post.

Filk, Dementia, Community, And You )

Of course, the flip side of my responsibility is that I have it because some of the dementia artists consider me a friend...and after all this is said and done, I don't know if that won't change.
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2008-07-10 11:33 am
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Case Notes, or I'm Going To Regret This...

In retrospect, the Case Study series has enough references to warrant this. I've not footnoted things which you would know from the [ profile] mina_de_malfois series, though, such as sparkly vampires. If you have any recommendations for other footnotes, let me know.

Case Notes )
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2008-07-07 03:02 pm
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Do The Job, or Royal Adviser

It's been a few months, but don't talk to me--I write based on the [ profile] mina_de_malfois stories, and as I understand it Mina has been busy.

But "Wizard's Staff" has finished, and with it comes your look on the other side of the record:

Case Study, Part 8 )

Not long on events, I grant, but I hope it's at least entertaining. I'll note that here, I've injected a bit of myself into both Jamie and Case, especially regarding the "privileged child" issue. It's something I've struggled with myself. I may expand on this in future parts.
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2008-03-04 05:45 pm
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Flaring Up, or The Value Of Outsiders

Short one this time, reflecting the abbreviated writing time. The latest Mina story was up sooner than I'd expected...

Case Study, Part 7 )

Not my best, I'm afraid, but I want to keep it current. And I like some of it.
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2008-02-23 11:26 am

"Listen, Girls," or War Correspondence

It's like this. [ profile] cadhla is a good friend of [ profile] vixyish , and one day, Vixy gave Seanan an idea--which became the song Oh, Michelle. Yesterday, [ profile] hsifyppah raised the stakes by challenging Seanan with Dammit, Seanan. Seanan fired back at Brooke with Oh, Brooke, and Brooke backed off, pleading Oh, Seanan M. Watching from the sidelines, [ profile] tisonlyherself weighed in with Clever Brooke.

My turn.

Oh, Michelle/Seanan/Brooke/Dagain... )