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2012-01-31 06:35 pm
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Administrivia, or Making Sync

So, a few weeks back, [ profile] ravenpan mentioned that she can't comment here. This is odd, because I do have her on my openID R, I think that you just need to be logged in properly, or some such.

But that reminded me that this might have value: this entry is unlocked, so if you're having commenting trouble, or anything else, now's your chance.
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2011-08-24 03:25 am
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Spring Cleaning, A Bit Late, or Trivia

Administrative note: I just did a cleanup of my LJ and DW lists. A lot of it was deletion/defriending (of people who have clearly left journals for good, mostly; also, people I'm just not in touch with anymore). In addition, if you crosspost, I removed you from my Default View list in LJ--though not my Friends list, because there may be value in that still. If you have your DW account for reading/commenting purposes alone, and don't post content there (or only post some content, crossposted from LJ), I simply removed you from my DW "Subscribe" list but kept you in "Give Access To," so that should be no different.

I've put this up unlocked so that people I may have missed, or miscategorized, can say "dude, you done screwed up."
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2011-08-04 06:39 pm
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Living the Dream, or Width My Regards

As of...well, right now, actually (assuming that the new footer I set up works properly, of course), I'm making Dreamwidth (same username) my default journal. The extent of which is, all comments go there, please.

(Sure enough, I fumbled that the first time. In the words of that paragon, Bullwinkle J. Moose, "this time for sure!")

What does this mean in terms of my LJ readership? Well, nothing. If I've set everything up correctly, those of you with DW accounts, I've already friended (if I know they exist). Those of you without, I should have LJ openID access granted, so you can both see my (usually locked) entries and comment on them as long as you're logged in to LJ.

This entry is posted unlocked, so that anybody who wants to tell me "hey, moron, you screwed up!" or inform me of their DW identities if I don't know them already can do so. (So, don't assume that because you can see this one everything's fine--look for older entries on DW.)
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2009-01-07 11:55 am

Boltholes, or Still Alivejournal

It does seem to be in vogue to discuss one's LiveJournal alternatives right now. So:

I have a JournalFen account and an InsaneJournal account, both with the handle of scifantasy.

I also have accounts in a few other places, such as Blogger, but as far as active journaling/blogging sites, it's just the three journals.

At present I do not mirror any content from this account to those; the JournalFen account is for my participation in Fandom Wank and its offshoots, and the InsaneJournal account is for following a couple of friends who use it as their primaries.

I would be extremely reluctant to move off of LiveJournal; my primary motivation has always been following my friends and their posts, and I doubt that all or even most of my friends list would end up in one other place.

What this would mean, should the worst occur and the switch be thrown on LJ, is that I'd probably end up with even more accounts on journal sites, mirroring my own posts to all of them. Unfortunately, I suspect it would cut down on the interesting comments that come out of different spheres of my friends interacting. I've always said that was the best part of LiveJournal's system.

Plus, I have a lot of material on LJ. Especially when you count comments.

And finally, I really like LiveJournal's system. Threading comments, especially, with email options for replies; locking posts (I have a single friends-lock, in which a person is either in or out, and most of my posts are locked); you get the idea.

Admittedly, I have a Basic account, so I'm not in a position to complain if something does happen. Still, I really don't think I'll have to change. Certainly not any time soon.

But feel free to add me on IJ or JF.
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2006-11-28 10:17 pm

A Soft Shill, or A Good Cause

[ profile] lady_neon, whom I've been friends with for years, has come to me with a passionate plea. She works for Collie Rescue for the Carolinas, and they've just gotten a real heartbreaker of a dog in need of some major surgery.

I could go on with a sob story, but I won't. It's not my story to tell, for one. And I know that money's tight all over. And...this isn't just about the one dog. It's about all of the dogs CRC has saved.

So I'm just going to say...if you have any spare cash, throw it to a good cause, please?

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2006-02-10 04:16 pm
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(Normally, this space would have some fancy graphic, but not mine.)

In view of a number of factors including my impending exit from college, the nature of my field, I've decided to take most of the content of this journal to a friends-only security lock.

If you're on my Livejournal friends list, then there really isn't that much of a difference. If you're on Livejournal and aren't on my friends list, comment here; if I have reason to--mutual friends, we already know each other offline, etc--I'll add you. If I don't...I can't promise anything.

All comments will be screened until you're added, so no one else need know who asked about being added and when.

I will be leaving some of my creative works and large-scale discussions unlocked, as you'll notice below you. Future creative works will likely be unlocked as well, so if you're only here for those, you're fine.

If you're not on Livejournal at all, but you're reading this, then you're probably a member of my family. Sorry, but I think this is best for me.