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scifantasy ([personal profile] scifantasy) wrote on August 30th, 2009 at 11:01 pm
"Sixteen Hours," or Legal Filk #3...and Counting
I didn't post my first two legal filks, because they're frankly not very good, and were written more specifically for the NYU Law Revue, and didn't get used anyway.

But this one was written for me and the filkers. I realized last night that I didn't have anything recent for the housefilk today--and that the most recent thing I had, three months old, didn't work well for me to sing. So I dusted off an idea I'd been thinking about, started trying to write it...and it flowed very easily indeed.

"Sixteen Hours"
by Will "scifantasy" Frank
ttto: "Sixteen Tons" by Merle Travis (or George S. Davis)

Some people say a lawyer is a dirty snake
Hit you up for every dollar you make
Nothing but a sneaky mind and greed
If you want to survive that's what you need

CHORUS: You bill sixteen hours, and what do you get?
Another due payment on your law school debt
With interest coming due at the end of the term
I owe my soul to the white-shoe firm

I was hired one morning straight out of school
Passed the bar and exams, I knew the Model Rules
I did sixteen hours of billable work
And I learned why a lawyer is a massive jerk


I was hired one morning, for my devious brain
Contract and tort are my middle name
I was taught legal ethics by a sneaky lion
Cain't no-a bar commitee make me walk the line


If you see me comin', better duck and cower
Or I'll charge you 600 dollars an hour
One side transaction, the other of lit
If the first one don't a get you then the second will hit


This went over pretty well at the housefilk, I must say.
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