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"I Meant To Do That, Vor Style," or The Hyperactive Git Strikes Again
Dedicated to the Bavarian Fire Drill Instructor, the Indy Ploy Player, the Galactic Champion of Making Shit Up.

(Seriously. A bunch of Vorkosigan songs, and an unrelated song called "I Meant To Do That"; how am I the first person to put this together?)

"I Meant To Do That, Vor Style"
by Will "scifantasy" Frank
ttto: "I Meant To Do That" by Echo's Children

My cousin is a genius and a fast-talking man
But nothing ever seems to go according to plan
He'll ramble and he'll scramble and he'll spin webs of lies
And all to make up for the fact that he's undersized.

(He'll say)
I meant to do that, I'll have it be known
I did it on purpose, for plans of my own
Since I am so clever, and a bit of a rat,
I thought I ought to mention that I meant to do that.

Washed out of the Academy, with no place to go
So off he went to Beta just to say a hello.
He bought himself a jumpship with his plans incomplete
And next thing that he knew, he had a mercenary fleet.

(He said...)

When he does something crazy, best to not be around,
And if you're related, you should just go to ground.
He'll pull it all together and he'll save the Empire
But I'd prefer to face a hail of enemy fire.

(He says...)

From Miles's book of etiquette, this lesson I take
If it's stupid and it works, then it's not a mistake.
It's clear from all the scheming that this git is insane,
But we all know what's coming when he starts to explain.

(He says...)

Really, it was the thought (from the Firefly Wild Mass Guessing page of TV Tropes) of Miles as the "deadly and unpredictable midget" that did it.

Or more accurately, the commentary line: "But I had to set it on fire for a very good reason that I will explain at length as soon as I have made it up, no, honestly, Simon/Gregor/Mother!"
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